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WateenSwap is a decentralized exchange (AMM) automated market maker on Binance Smart Chain allowing users to swap BEP-20 tokens. WateenSwap leverages a number of its unique features to provide an excellent trading experience to end-users. For one, it benefits from extremely low transaction fees and rapid confirmation time — ensuring trades are executed quickly. It also doesn’t generally suffer from displacement attacks like front-running, making it safer to use than some other AMMs. Beyond this, WateenSwap offers pyramid features to provide additional utility to WTN holders. It could be worth your while to take time to figure it out, though.

• Trade: To offer liquidity, trade, and produce LP tokens.

• Farming: Yield Farming with a massive amount of pools (the liquidity center of the BSC system).

• Staking: Stake WTN in a pool to obtain WTN or other tokens in the BSC system.

• Predictions: A method that forecasts the growth and fall of asset pairings over a certain time period.

• Lottery: WateenSwap lottery game.

• NFTs: A massive collection of NFT goods.

• Launchpad: Initial Farm Offering is the IDO Platform for new projects on the BSC system.

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